Auburn Attorneys Handling Paternity Matters

The establishment of paternity can provide benefits for all parties involved. For mothers, it can help provide answers and open the door to child support payments. Fathers are able to establish their parental rights and help foster a relationship with their child.

At the Auburn law firm of Beverlye Brady and Associates, our lawyers provide representation for all parties and interests in paternity matters. We can help guide you through the legal process and explain your options concerning fathers' rights, custody and child support.

Resolving Paternity Issues

Before child support can be awarded, the identity of the father must be established. In some cases, a paternity action must be initiated under Alabama's Uniform Parentage Act.

Paternity bestows a father with certain rights and obligations. Once paternity is established, a father can obtain visitation and custody rights. The child can also become eligible for certain benefits and inheritance rights. Establishing paternity can also open the door for the mother to pursue child support payments.

We represent both mothers and fathers in paternity proceedings in Alabama. We are committed to protecting the parental rights of our clients and the best interests of their children.

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